Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Electropolishing?

    Electropolishing is a process that removes micro-sized parts from the surface of metal in the chemical environment with electrical current by anodic current. For more information, please visit our electropolishing page.

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    Why Is Electropolishing Called As Electro Chemical?

    It is micron-sized part picking process from metal surface with a certain current and several chemicals. So we call electrochemical process.

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    What are the Benefits of Electropolishing?

    The resultant surface, becomes sterilized and antibacterial, has decorative, homogene, clean , gloss appearance and high corrosion resistance. Process removes hydrogen embrittlement, relieves stress and surface. For more information, please visit our electropolishing page.

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    How Large of A Part Can Polished

    We use big electropolish tanks for large materials. Also much larger materials can partial electropolished with specific methods. We can apply all processes on our facility or your site.

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    How Durable Is An Electropolished Surface?

    Electropolishing is a surface treatment not surface coating process. The polished metal characteristic features remain unchaged. However the processes that applied before and after electropolishing (passivation, pickling, mechanical polishing, etc.) can provides extra durability and protection by removing part stress, increasing corrosion resistance.

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    How Much Material Is Removed From Surface By Electropolishing?

    The amount of material that is removed by electropolishing is in micron-sized and proportional to the runtime, material-chemical types.

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    How Necessary Full/Partial Passivation Process After Electropolishing?

    Electropolishing isn't completely preserve material, so it's very important to apply passivation after electropolishing for stainless steel life time.

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    How Can I Use Your On-Site Services?

    We apply the electropolishing and other surface treatments with on site services in your business applications with our team of experts. We plan with you all conditions. Please contact us for more information.

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    Can I Electropolish In My Own Facility

    If you have necessary infrastructure, machinery equipment and trained team, you can do on  your own electro-polishing processes. Our company can help to you build your own electro-polishing facility, create your team and also provide necessary machinery equipments. In addition to this, you can benefit from our service we offer on site services.

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