Industry Applications

  • Street Furniture (Outdoor & Garden)
    Highroads, streets, playgrounds & gardens, public spaces and all outdoor lightings made of steel for durability. Electropolishing applied to prevent corrosion, provide aesthetic stance and maintain the polish.
  • Bath & Kitchen Accessories
    Some objects more exposure than others to water in daily use. There will be more corrosions, decays and shine and durability worn off rather than others in time. Also these objects must be more antibacterial and sterilized. Electropolishing is applied to solve all these problems.
  • Automotive, Marine & Yachting Industry

    Electropolishing is also commonly applied to all moving parted, high voltaged components which directly exposed to external factors like water for reduction of stress, increasing the resistance prevent corrosion. applied to prevent corrosion, provide aesthetic stance and maintain the polish for interior and exterior decorative parts.

  • Aircraft Industry

    All parts used in the aircraft industry are always subjected to high stress rates and provide excellent aerodynamics. So, applied to increasing the smoothness. provide corrosion resistance and stress reduction.

  • Food Machines and Equipments

    On the food sector production, storage, transport practices machines or equipments are applied in order to become sterilized and antibacterial. It also increases the durability and aesthetic view of the product.

  • Medical Instruments / Healthcare Equipment

    All materials and devices that directly contact human body, using in surgical operations, etc. must sterilized and antibacterial.

  • Construction Trade

    Electropolishing is applied to construction wire, screws, metal blocksa and all construction parts to prevent rust, provide high corrosion-abrasion resistance. Also applied to provide durability and aesthetical appearance for the construction machines.

  • Treatment, Pool Equipments and Accessories

    It's applied to materials that highly exposed to direct water like the pool ladders, shower bases, borders, etc. to prevent rusting of the parts and components. Also your decor gains perfect shine and reflectance.

  • Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals Detergent & Energy Sector

    In chemical production, chemicals must not exposed to reaction with storage-transportation materials. And materials must be sterilized and antibacterial.

  • All Types of Machinery and Machine Components

    It's commonly applied to all stainless steel machine components to provide durability, flexibility and reduce surface stress to get more efficiency.

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