What is Electropolishing?

Electropolishing is a process that removes microscopic parts from the surface of the stainless steel on the chemical environment to the electrical current by anodic current. So electropolishing is not a coating process. Different formulations and different operating parameters for each metal are applied. Electropolishing is best method of polishing in abrasive methods. It's highly recommended for gain excellent results and esthetic appearance. No matter what of component size and scales, electropolishing is applied to all stainless steel products.



Why Electropolishing?

  • The surface has more decorative, homogene and glossy appearance. 

  • The surface becomes sterile and antibacterial.

  • Provides high corrosion resistance:

    • Atmospheric environment conditions  contains humidity and gas

    • Salted air from vicinity of the sea

    • Pollution content in the air

    • Environmental conditions

  • Improves erosion resistance.

  • Reduces frictional resistance.

  • Provides highly shininess and reflective appearance.

  • Removes hyrogen embrittlement on the stainless steels.





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